Nani Herbal Hair Oil

Nani Herbal Hair OilThe Combination of Aloe Vera, Betel Leaf, Amla, Brahmi & over 15 other herbs stimulates the hair growth and rescue hair from dandruff.
Ingredients: Natural oil & herbal extract
Directions: Apply Nani hair oil on to the scalp and massage well for two minutes, then wait for 15 minutes before washing.
Nani hair oil is a herbal authentic ayurvedic formula that promotes new hair growth within 10-12 weeks. Nani hair oil intensively nourishes balding scalp and stimulates hair follicles which infects. Nani hair oil is a safe, healthy &completely natural remedy to control the hair loss rate. It is suggested for all three stages of hair care referred in Ayurveda as:
1. Kesavardhanam: Hair growth
2. Kesasthapanam: Prevention of hair loss
3. Palitam: Prevention of premature graying

What to expect from Nani hair oil
Within 2-4 weeks Nani hair oil activates the hair follicle’s growth cycle. The hairs that are in transition and resting phase fall and the hair follicle goes into a new growth phase producing new, healthy hair. Within 8-12 weeks, significant reduction of hair loss and thickening of existing hair can be seen.

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